Five Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

The bachelorette party is a traditional occasion given by the women friends of the bride to celebrate her last days of being single before getting married. On this party, the bride’s friends and bridesmaids will treat her out for a night of surprises or celebrate in lots of different ways. The maid of honor is usually assigned to plan or throw this kind of party for the future bride. There are various activities that can be done ranging from the naughty, funny, and sentimental ways before the bride to bids adieu to her single life. Here are fun and creative ways on how to throw a memorable bachelorette party.

House Party

Nothing beats the privacy and intimacy of throwing a party right in the comforts of your own home. If you are the matron of honor, you can choose to throw it in your place or one of the bridesmaids home. Hire a catering service for endless food and drinks. No need to worry about staying up late or paying for the venue, party in your home and enjoy the rest of the night. You can hire a male dancer to make the night fun from and entertaining, play truth and dare games without any inhibitions, order naughty cakes or candies that resemble a man’s body part, etc. Party with your girl friends or play games comfortably at home and make the night the best last hurrah for the future bride.

Limousine Party

Throw the ultimate party inside a luxurious limousine stretch with a designated driver and the elegant features of the limo service. Enjoy partying on limos that are equipped with plasma screen, strobe/ mood lights, a well stocked liquor bar, and with excellent audio / video system. Most limousine services have packages that are fit to the occasion and make sure everyone is treated like a queen. Have a complete treat as the chauffeur opens the door for you and makes a smooth cruise in the city aboard an elegant and VIP limousine.

Comedy Bar Party

Have a fun and rollicking party as stand up comedians do their act onstage. Most cities have a comedy club that brings live comedy performances that is sure to tickle everyone’s funny bones. It is highly recommended that you inform the club owner or staff about your planned bachelorette party so that the performers and the bar can prepare ahead and make the party a funny and memorable one for the bride and her friends.

Beach Party

If you live near the beach, you can host a party on board a yacht or a boat that can cruise around the ocean as the future bride and your girl friends enjoy great food and drinks. Have the yacht parked near a sandbar and let the guests enjoy swimming and frolicking in the sand. If alcohol consumption is not allowed, guests can enjoy the water sports adventures (jet-ski, parasailing, windsurfing, etc.) offered in the beach along with enjoying a fun party in the waters with the bride.

Surprise Hotel Party

Plan a surprise party without letting the bride aware of what is going to happen. Book a one night accommodation to a prestigious hotel and just inform the bride to come at this hotel at this time and on this room number. You can have a theme for the party itself (Hollywood, emo/Goth, Halloween, naughty, etc.) You can rent costumes, props or hire a make up artist that will prepare and dress-up everyone to surprise and impress the bride. Make it more fun by giving out prizes for the best dressed and special “fun “awards (most scary, best hair, outrageous costume awards, etc.). Enjoy roasting the night by sharing personal wishes or sentimental stories and funny anecdotes about the bride as she bids farewell to her life of single blessedness.

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